ErrorProvider Control in VB.NET

ErrorProvider Control is used to set Error Message for particular control on the Form.
You can also also get Error Message associated with particular control on the form using ErrorProvider Control.

Properties of ErrorProvider Control

Various Properties of ErrorProvider Control are:

Property Name Description
Name It is used to specify name of ErrorProvider Control.
BlinkRate It is used to specify rate in milisecond at which error icon blinks.
BlinkStyle It is used to specify Blink Style for Error Icon. It can be: AlwaysBlink, NeverBlink, BlinkIfDifferentError
Icon It is used to specify ICON to be displayed near to the control when error is set for that control.

Methods of ErrorProvider Control

Various Methods of ErrorProvider Control are:

Method Name Description
SetError It is used to set error message for particular control.
GetError It is used to retrieve current error message of particular control.
Clear It is used to clear all the settings of ErrorProvider Control.

Example of ErrorProvider Control in VB.NET

Design a From as shown below:

Example of Error Provider Control

Now Set Properties of various control as below:

Control Name Property Name Value
Form1 Text ErrorProvider Control Demo
Label1 Text Enter Your Name
Textbox1 Name txtName
Button1 Name btnSubmit
Text Submit
Label2 Text Your Name Is:
Label3 Name lblName
Text Name
ErrorProvider1 Name ErrorProvider1
BlinkStyle AlwaysBlink

Now Double click on Submit Button and write following code in Click event.

If txtName.Text = "" Then
ErrorProvider1.SetError(txtName, "Please Enter Name")
lblName.Text = ErrorProvider1.GetError(txtName)
lblName.Text = txtName.Text
End If

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